Quizzes, Games, and Flashcards


My Studiyo
- Create multimedia quizzes that can be embedded into your blog or website. (One of my personal favorites and very popular with my blog's readers).

Create a quiz using Google Docs/ Forms.

Zoho Challenge
-Integrates with other Zoho apps. Can use Google and Yahoo ID's to sign-in.

ProProfs Quizzes
-Create quizzes and embed them into your blog or website. (ProProfs also offers flashcards)


All of these games can be embedded into most blogs and websites.

Novel Games
-Huge selection of basic problem solving, jigsaw, hang-man games.

Games for the Brain
-Similar to Novel Games.

Physics Games
-As the name implies, games demonstrating physics concepts.

Class Tools
-Build your own simple games and embed them into your blog or website.

Mad Libs
-Embed Mad Libs into your site.

Playing History
-Can't be embedded, but these games are great for history classes.


-Create flashcards and embed them into your site.

Study Stack
-Create flashcards and quizzes to embed into your site.